Monday, 16 May 2011

My first post...

In the video below is a guy called Tim Minchin. Someone who not only has great comedic abilities but, unparralel capabilities when it comes to writing lyrics and performing them in song. This skill is what seperates him from the Michael Macintyre or Lee Evans, and projects him to not only a comedian but an artist as well. I don't feel this guy gets the attention he deserves.

It could be down to the fact that his athiest views which he projects through his work could be seen as off-putting to the religous out there, but hey! It's a free world and I dont think his views should negate his raw talent.

The video below is called 'Storm' and is a beat poem, that only recently has been animated. If you like this I would strongly recommend his other songs, easily found over YouTube.


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  1. Tim Minchin is a fantastic talent. Always great to come across others who appreciate his work :)